How to help the African Penguin

The African Penguin is under great threat, to learn more about why that is click here

Now is not the time to give into despair, now is the time to take action and here’s what you can do: 

  • Talk about it: Ask one person every day if they know that the African penguin is going extinct and get them thinking about the implications.
  • Visit SANCCOB’s penguin page
  • Eat ‘sustainably’ by downloading and using the SASSI app.
  • Donate your expertise, time or money  to one of these important NGOs working on this issue:
    BirdLife South Africa
    World Wildlife Fund South Africa
  • Support the campaign started by Judy Mann at the Cape Town Aquarium called #NOOW Not On Our Watch. Visit the website
  • Email Minister Barbara Creecy today. Go to:
  • Share posts on social media using the hashtags #NOOW,  #extinctionrebellionsa, #africanpenguin, #conservation, #litigation, #biodiversity #sanccob 
  • Ask your parliamentarian to put forward a parliamentary question as to why we are failing to protect the penguins from the threat of extinction, or a more specific question about the island closures or catch limits on sardine stocks or ship bunkering or offshore oil and gas.
  • Those who live near a penguin colony can support the colony management by helping reinforce the rules to protect the penguins: speed limits on the roads, keeping dogs on leads, not walking into off-limit areas, not approaching too close. 
  • Where you feel signage explaining the rules to protect the penguins is inadequate, request the authorities to increase or improve signage. You can find contact details at:
  • Become a supporter of  XR Cape Town by signing up on our website: and join us in telling the truth about the crises of climate and nature that are the challenge of our times.

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