The climate crisis demands system change and that’s why we’re marching, not braaiing on Heritage Day by Isabelle Joubert

On 24 September — Heritage Day — Extinction Rebellion (XR) Cape Town is joining the African Climate Alliance, along with several other environmental and youth activist groups, for a march to Parliament in the name of system change.

But what does “system change” mean? How do the systems we inhabit relate to the ecological crisis? What role does reforming these systems play in saving our degrading environment and ourselves?

Greenwashing campaigns frequently try to make the climate crisis seem like a personal issue, claiming reusable straws and coffee cups will reduce the consequences of global warming. However, this distracts from the reality that ecological destruction is a result of the way that we politically, socially and economically organise our world. This is what is meant by “system” — the structures that govern our lives.

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