extinction rebellion dark

We are aware of claims made by an admin on the “Extinction Rebellion Mzansi” Facebook page and connected groups that our page is run by spies or impostors of some sort.

This person was an admin here until they unilaterally threatened to delete the page – their admin rights were provisionally revoked to prevent this. Without delay, they set up the Mzansi page and began spreading accusations of hacking, sabotage, death threats and more against other members of XR in Cape Town – all without evidence, and with no legal action taken. They have rejected various attempts at reconciliation and mediation.

As hurtful and worrying as this person’s actions have been, we are ultimately on the same side and wish them well in their environmental activism. At the same time, we would like to take this opportunity to affirm our commitment to non-violence (physical and verbal; internal and external) and inclusive decision-making.